SIGVARIS 412C 20-30 mmHg Performance Sock

SIGVARIS 412C 20-30 mmHg Performance Sock

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  • Compression Strength: 20-30 mmHg
  • Achilles tendon protector reduces vibration on ligaments
  • Improved blood circulation and oxygen delivery
  • Improved energy, performance and recovery
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Detailed Product Description

A growing trend among competitive athletes and weekend warriors is the use of graduated compression socks to help improve their athletic performance and recovery. As the global leader in graduated compression therapy, SIGVARIS creates truly superior sports products featuring true graduated compression for athletes and active people.

What can I find here?

The SIGVARIS 412C 20-30 mmHg Performance Sock can be found in our Athletic Garments product category within the Flexibility & Mobility. This product is offered in more than one variation. To view all options, please look at the SIGVARIS Compression Stockings Sigvaris-412CLL00, Sigvaris-412CLL50, Sigvaris-412CLL54, Sigvaris-412CLL56, Sigvaris-412CLL59, Sigvaris-412CLL62, Sigvaris-412CLL63, Sigvaris-412CLL64, Sigvaris-412CLL99, Sigvaris-412CLM00, Sigvaris-412CLM50, Sigvaris-412CLM54, Sigvaris-412CLM56, Sigvaris-412CLM59, Sigvaris-412CLM62, Sigvaris-412CLM63, Sigvaris-412CLM64, Sigvaris-412CLM99, Sigvaris-412CLS00, Sigvaris-412CLS50, Sigvaris-412CLS54, Sigvaris-412CLS56, Sigvaris-412CLS59, Sigvaris-412CLS62, Sigvaris-412CLS63, Sigvaris-412CLS64, Sigvaris-412CLS99, Sigvaris-412CML00, Sigvaris-412CML50, Sigvaris-412CML54, Sigvaris-412CML56, Sigvaris-412CML59, Sigvaris-412CML62, Sigvaris-412CML63, Sigvaris-412CML64, Sigvaris-412CML99, Sigvaris-412CMM00, Sigvaris-412CMM50, Sigvaris-412CMM54, Sigvaris-412CMM56, Sigvaris-412CMM59, Sigvaris-412CMM62, Sigvaris-412CMM63, Sigvaris-412CMM64, Sigvaris-412CMM99, Sigvaris-412CMS00, Sigvaris-412CMS50, Sigvaris-412CMS54, Sigvaris-412CMS56, Sigvaris-412CMS59, Sigvaris-412CMS62, Sigvaris-412CMS63, Sigvaris-412CMS64, Sigvaris-412CMS99, Sigvaris-412CSL00, Sigvaris-412CSL50, Sigvaris-412CSL54, Sigvaris-412CSL56, Sigvaris-412CSL59, Sigvaris-412CSL62, Sigvaris-412CSL63, Sigvaris-412CSL64, Sigvaris-412CSL99, Sigvaris-412CSM00, Sigvaris-412CSM50, Sigvaris-412CSM54, Sigvaris-412CSM56, Sigvaris-412CSM59, Sigvaris-412CSM62, Sigvaris-412CSM63, Sigvaris-412CSM64, Sigvaris-412CSM99, Sigvaris-412CSS00, Sigvaris-412CSS50, Sigvaris-412CSS54, Sigvaris-412CSS56, Sigvaris-412CSS59, Sigvaris-412CSS62, Sigvaris-412CSS63, Sigvaris-412CSS64, Sigvaris-412CSS99, Sigvaris-412CXL00, Sigvaris-412CXL50, Sigvaris-412CXL54, Sigvaris-412CXL56, Sigvaris-412CXL59, Sigvaris-412CXL62, Sigvaris-412CXL63, Sigvaris-412CXL64, Sigvaris-412CXL99, Sigvaris-412CXM00, Sigvaris-412CXM50, Sigvaris-412CXM54, Sigvaris-412CXM56, Sigvaris-412CXM59, Sigvaris-412CXM62, Sigvaris-412CXM63, Sigvaris-412CXM64, Sigvaris-412CXM99, Sigvaris-412CXS00, Sigvaris-412CXS50, Sigvaris-412CXS54, Sigvaris-412CXS56, Sigvaris-412CXS59, Sigvaris-412CXS62, Sigvaris-412CXS63, Sigvaris-412CXS64, Sigvaris-412CXS99. Wholesale Point is an authorized dealer for SIGVARIS Compression Stockings - so dig in, research, compare, ask questions and buy with confidence. We are pleased to offer CSX Sports Compression Socks, SIGVARIS Compression Stockings, Solidea Compression Garments in a safe and secure online shopping experience.

Spec & Features

Product Details  
Manufacturer SIGVARIS Compression Stockings
Manufacturer Part Number 412C
Warranty Length 0 Year(s)
UPC Code
Lead Time to Ship 5 Business Day(s)
Country of Origin Brazil
Return Policy Limited
Requires Prescription No
Compression Strength 20-30 mmHg
Achilles tendon protector reduces vibration on ligaments
Improved blood circulation and oxygen delivery
Improved energy, performance and recovery
Increased circulation and improved blood flow
Increased oxygen to muscle tissue
Injury prevention and reduced shin splints & calf cramps
Less aching & cramping
Less lactic acid buildup in the legs during exercise
Reduced pulled muscles and less exercised-induced muscle soreness in the legs
Thermal & odor control

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