Protective Underwear for Men

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CareZips Classic Unisex Easy-Dress Changing Pants for Incontinence

CareZips Classic Unisex Easy-Dress Changing Pants for Incontinence

• Available in mulitple colors and sizes
• 91% Polyester / 9 % Spandex
• Moisture-wicking, non-wrinkle fabric
• 3-zipper system that allows for full frontal opening from waist to knees

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Disposable Protective Underwear for Men for Incontinence

Incontinence issues not only can make both patients and their family members or caregivers feel uncomfortable, but they can lead to potential medical problems as well. With protective pull on disposable underwear specially designed for men from Wholesale Point patients can feel more comfortable with their incontinence issues. These effective and easy underwear options from Tena and Prevail are available at Wholesale Point for less every day.

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