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CanDo Full Skin PE Foam Roller-White-Half Round

CanDo Full Skin PE Foam Roller-White-Half Round

• Extruded as a half-circle, not sliced in half - this process gives the flat side a "skin"
• Half-round roller does not bow or warp

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CanDo Antimicrobial PE Foam Roller-Beige

CanDo Antimicrobial PE Foam Roller-Beige

• PE foam made with anti-microbial additive to protect against microbes and odors
• Brown tint differentiates anti-microbial foam from standard foam

Neck & Spot Massagers for precise tension relief.

Massage away pain, stress and tension. When you are stressed, you can store it all in your neck or other key areas of your body at times. The pain might seem unbearable, but the neck and spot massagers available through Wholesale Point can help you relieve the pain quickly and easily for immediate relief. Relieve tight muscles in your neck or any spot on your body with quality Neck and Spot Massagers from brand like Core Products, HoMedics, and Conair. When you have pain and want a natural pain relief solution that doesn't involve any medication, look to the natural solutions for pain at Wholesale Point to get the neck massagers you need today.

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