Wenzelite Mobility Aids

Since 1982, Wenzelite has been dedicated to helping patients with special needs. Their goal is to provide patients with neurological disorders safe and secure ambulation. The Wenzelite line of safety rollers has grown to include pediatric and bariatric models including a full line of accessories. Wenzelite's focus has become primarily the pediatric market. In order to better serve the physically challenged pediatric patients and to assist their care givers, they work closely with therapists, doctors and parents to take every day products, enhance them and provide them at competitive prices. Wenzelite has expanded its line of pediatric products to include: safety rollers, gait trainers, posterior and anterior posture walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, crawl trainers, standers, seating, strollers and bathing products. This line has helped users reach the milestones of sitting, standing and mobility. The Wenzelite team is dedicated to designing and manufacturing products that provide maximum support and safety, offer aesthetically pleasing designs to children, parents and care givers, and enrich their users' lives and potential. Wenzelite products are designed with the aid of doctors, therapists, school teachers and parents. Learn more about Wenzelite line of products by visiting www.drivemedical.com.

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