Scott Specialties Orthopedic  Supplies

Scott Specialties, created from an idea of Wilson Scott.  Wilson was an individual with vision, vision to see things that are, and ask what could be.  Over 50 years ago, Wilson saw the invention of VELCRO, and had an idea to use the new technology in the construction of orthopedic braces.  

The vision is only the start.  Next comes courage, being courageous enough to take the risks to see it through.  Wilson left the security of his corporate sales job, and, while raising a young family, took the risk to create new products from his vision.  

To survive, the vision needs leadership.  The ability to persuade others to participate in the vision, and set sail with you.  Investors, employees, suppliers, and customers all must to be brought on board.  Wilson gathered the crew and set sail.  

Wilson would be the first to say, Scott Specialties's story is not one of one man or one vision.  He knew that the company would only be successful by keeping focus on its customers and its people.

Today, still privately held, Scott Specialties is a Kansas based company of over 150 people, proud to continue that focus.  

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