Microlife Blood Pressure Monitors

The success of our first development in 1981, the digital clinical thermometer, confirmed the desirability of continued research into diagnostic equipment. Today it remains a part of our product range. Microlife is also the world's leading manufacturer in the field of thermometers. Our fundamental approach has gradually developed to cover a more extended area of products that we call Home Diagnostics. With our range of products today, we cover all forms of measurement and diagnostic equipment. We provide everything you require to analyze a health condition. Previously, this could only be achieved by doctors and laboratories with considerable interference in your freedom to decide about highly personal areas. The revolution in the health care field is our market. The willingness of people to accept responsibility for themselves is our future. Research, development and production are organized on an interdisciplinary basis, bringing us major economies in time and costs. Because we market our products in Europe, the Americas and Asia, we are able to meet country-specific requirements efficiently and successfully. However, we continue to investigate broader applications for our diagnostic expertise.

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