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MDF 767K-11 Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope-22K Gold Edition-Black
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  • Universal
  • Black with Gold Plated Metal
  • 100% Latex Free.
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MDF Sprague Rappaport in 22K gold-plating (on all metal components) is for medical professionals who see stethoscopes as more than a diagnostic tool, but an everyday accessory. But looks aren't everything, the 22k Sprague Rappaport detects the entire range of heart and chest auscultation. It is five stethoscopes in one for complete and flexible diagnostic capability that is clinically proven to deliver more faint heart sounds and murmurs than other stethoscopes. Worldwide, it is the most popular stethoscope on the market today and the top choice of the medical professionals. Chestpiece:The MDF767K Chestpiece equipped with a full rotational Dual-Output Acoustic Valve Stem are individually machined, 22k gold-plated and precisely assembled. Strict tolerance control and valve mechanism ensure smooth valve rotation and accurate acoustic transmission. The Chestpiece enables users to switch between adult and pediatric-sided Diaphragms/Bells with ease and interchange both side of the chestpiece with adult and pediatric Chestpiece fittings (2 Diaphragms and 3 Bells) to meet medical professionals' specific diagnostic requirements. AccuFit Headset:Adjustable 22k-gold plated wide brass tubes are precisely crafted with flexible spring and ComfortSeal Eartips designed for a long lasting anatomical fit. Acoustic Tubing:Dual high performance Acoustic Tubes are secured in place by a non-pinching and non-obtrusive 22k-plated brass Acoustic Tube Clasp. Acoustic Tubes are constructed of non-cracking, non-sticking high-density latex-free PVC. Accessories: Additional (2) ComfortSeal Eartips, (1) ultra-sensitive Diaphragm and (1) ID tag.

Product Code: MDF-767K-11
Manufacturer Part #/SKU: 767K-11
UPC: 6940211619315
Warranty: 2 year(s)

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  • 100% Latex Free.
  • Black
  • Free-Parts-For-Life Program
  • Gold-Plating on all metal pieces
  • Handcrafted in the MDF artisan tradition by master craftsmen since 1971.
  • Actual product color may differ from image

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