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Ekho K-150 Stopwatch

Ekho K-150 Stopwatch

• 1/100 sec. Precision
• Calender and Time display
• Daily alarm
• Hourly Chime

Ekho K-350 100 Lap Stopwatch

Ekho K-350 100 Lap Stopwatch

• 100 Lap and Split memory
• UNIQUE "Fastest Lap" Audio alarm
• Chrono data store the data for each run with date tag
• Rubberize coating case

Valor Fitness ST-24 Timer

Valor Fitness ST-24 Timer

• Color Black
• Material Aluminum Alloy
• Clock, interval, and timer funtions
• Easily create and save custom intervals


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Ekho K-250 30 Lap Stopwatch

Ekho K-250 30 Lap Stopwatch

• 30 laps and Split memory
• Fastest lap and Slowest lap calculation
• Pacer function with selectable pace interval
• 3-Line display

Keep your pace to improve your workout.

Using timers can help you to get that balance between cardiovascular exercise as well as muscle building as the two should go hand in hand. If you ever use a physical trainer then you shall notice that their eyes are never off their stopwatch as the full routine is worked out to the second to get the maximum effect. Make the most of your time by knowing how long it take you to do certian things and how long it takes for you to start to feel tired. Get the best prices on stopwatches from Mio, Ekho, and Sportline

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