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Omron NE-U22V Micro Air Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer MicroAir Kit

Omron NE-U22V Micro Air Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer MicroAir Kit

• $20 Mail in Rebate Offer
• Operates on 2 AA batteries
• Quiet and discreet
• Smallest size of any electronic nebulizer

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These Nebulizer Systems Deliver Convenient & Accurate Dosing

Medical nebulizers deliver medication in liquid mist form to treat any number of serious conditions. For your convenience we offer a variety of Omron Nebulizers, the leader in portable, hand-held nebulizers for people with active lifestyles, with models featuring a number of vital attributes. The portable nebulizers allow you the freedom to take treatments away from home. Check out the various medical nebulizers we have available for your online shopping convenience and select the model that delivers a high output performance for fast, efficient treatments.

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